Spot Reduction fiction or reality


Spot Reduction fiction or reality

Spot Reduction fiction or reality


Introduction “Spot Reduction

Spot Reduction fiction or reality – The contemporary age has brought “apparent well-being” into our homes by offering us all kinds of food prepared in many shapes and flavors in exuberant quantities.
The ease with which we have food available has led people not to often consider the quantity and quality of the food itself; however, in some cases, altering the flavors that do not belong to the nature of the food itself, making them real drugs which we cannot live without.
In the past, finding food was not so simple and, from a certain point of view, it was not so bad considering that the human being is now perpetually overfed and, at the same time, malnourished.
So we went from one extreme to the other.

Spot Reduction fiction or reality

Let’s analyze these days. Overeating or poor nutrition education have inevitably led most people to have more and less overweight problems.
All this is linked to a higher caloric intake than what is needed, but also to poor nutrition; this means that if I take foods that my body does not need and instead I lack others I need, a state of malnutrition takes over.
Being malnourished therefore does not mean that we eat little, but that our diet is not correct.
I do not want to talk about nutrition now, it is just an introduction to clarify how to structure workouts when it comes to overweight and localized weight loss or spot reduction.


Fat is the burden we have to fight –
Spot Reduction

The distribution of adiposity is linked to a genetic factor, a predisposition that is formed especially in adolescence, but which is influenced by the sports activities we carry out.
Let me give you an example and, to make it clearer, I will emphasize the concept by speaking of professionals.
When I happen to analyze two professional athletes from different disciplines, for example, the bodybuilder and a football player, the differences are these: the bodybuilder aims to increase muscle mass with a unique definition of it. It is, in fact, the sport par excellence where we can considerably reduce the skin folds of fat (therefore, this concerns an aesthetic factor).
The football player has the general performance of the body as his goal, such as speed and endurance.
It is known that, in some periods, he carries out high-calorie diets with a positive nitrogen balance (high-protein), reaching 7000/8000 kcal per day at certain times of the year.

Spot Reduction fiction or reality

The football player, on the other hand, follows a normal calorie diet balanced with macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and fats).
When I analyze the bodybuilder, despite the high calorie diets, the percentage of subcutaneous fat measured with the skin test is always relatively low, but at the same time, when I perform the bioimpedance analysis (therefore, the measurement of total fat as a percentage) the fat is high compared to the case values of the plicometry.
When I analyze the professional football player, the bioimpedance test is relatively low (total fat as percentage), compared to the skin fold test (district skin fat folds) which are usually higher than the bodybuilder.


The conclusion of this statistic is the following:
“Does spot reduction exist?”

It has not been scientifically proven that spot reduction exists, but it is ascertained that when you train a certain part of your body, in that part the percentage of fat under the skin is lowered.
This is why the bodybuilder, despite his high-calorie diets, always manages to keep the fat under the skin under control, which is what determines its aesthetic.
If a muscle district is not properly congested, the thickness of the subcutaneous fat in that part of the body will be higher.
So, can specific exercise or training be used for spot reduction?
Of course, spot reduction exists.
Obviously, this does not mean that I have to underestimate visceral fat; I will have to integrate, if my metabolic values allow me, an aerobic activity, the only activity that allows you to lower the percentages of total fat and therefore the “internal” one  (with adequate nutrition too).


Total fat and spot reduction

When it comes to aesthetics, health should not be underestimated, therefore monitoring and modulating activities (aerobic and isotonic) by making appropriate biometric tests, such as bio-impedancemetry and anthropoplicometry, becomes an important and decisive factor for a healthy and constructive preparation and for locally understand where to work to achieve spot reduction in one point rather than another.
maintaining good muscle trophism is t best way to hint at a higher metabolic state.
Some might say: “I am just doing isotonic; I am on a diet and I am nor doing aerobic activity.”
Keeping the cardiovascular system trained is not only for a concept related to longevity, but also has a positive effect on weight training.

Spot Reduction fiction or reality

Nowadays, more and more professionals bodybuilders in competition, eliminate cardiovascular activity to maintain a better trophism and therefore have a fuller muscle with lower district fat percentages, but the control of visceral fat must always be kept under control (especially in the off season). Gain weight endogenously has more deleterious consequences for health than gaining weight under the skin.
Combining aesthetics with functionality means combining activities in an intelligent way by monitoring them and always evaluating body compositions and metabolic status, in which case you can only be long-lived and successful and affirm that spot reduction can be achieved.

Spot Reduction fiction or reality by Roberto Eusebio


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